SAYES Clean Beauty Standards

When any beauty brand claims to be clean and green, they need to back it up.

The SAY Clean Standards are built on three important pillars:

Accountability, Transparency, and Education.


We adhere to the standards established by Chemical Production ActionGreen Screen for Safer Chemicals, Beauty Heroes: Blue Beauty Guide and Credo Clean Standard, and we avoid ingredients listed under our ‘#SAYNO List’.
We provide full disclosure of ingredients used and percentages of natural and certified organic raw ingredients.

We educate our customers on the importance of ingredient-consciousness - being aware of what they apply on their skin and hair, as well as being well-informed on how certain ingredients might affect the environment.

Not every substance in our #SAYNO list is illegal and dangerous, butthey have all been linked with health or environmental issues. In accordance with SAY Clean Beauty Standards, we choose to #SAYNO to these substances, ensuring that our products contain only sustainable alternative ingredients.
Download #SAYNO List here:

We use Sustainable Ingredient Alternatives:

- 100% of palm derivatives used in our products is purchased RSPO certified

- plant-derived cold processable emulsifiers

- plant-derived preservatives, solubilisers, thickeners, botanicals actives, chelating agents, antioxidants, surfactants, emollients, humectants, fragrances


Our SAY Chemical Policy

Our products contain ZERO

    • petrol-chemically derived ingredients
    • silicone
    • ethoxylated ingredients such as polysorbates and PEGs
    • synthetic fragrance
    • formaldehyde releasers


Our Partners

We work with raw ingredient suppliers who are committed to sustainable practices.