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Our Beginnings

My journey into the beauty industry started when my 3 older daughters became teenagers. I have always striven to provide healthier food choices and reading labels before purchasing anything is a common practice for me. So, when they became teenagers and needed proper skincare, I used the same approach to purchasing skincare as well. The only difference this time was that the labels on the skincare products were a lot harder to make sense of. However, as my girls still needed to use skincare, I took upon myself to research into the world of cosmetic ingredients.

Becoming Aware of the Controversy

This was when I first got to know that besides parabens and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), there was a long list of controversial ingredients, some of which had already been banned in certain countries. To my alarm, some of these questionable cosmetic ingredients were still found in many conventional personal care products. It was around this time that I started dabbling into DIY skincare recipes. But I quickly found that I was not satisfied with just following recipes. Gradually, I became aware of the science behind formulating skincare, and this was the start of my learning journey.