SAY Pop-Up Experience

Upcoming Events

  • 🗓 25th-27th November 2022 Pop up at Boutiques Fair Singapore

Every skincare product that touches your skin, touches your skin microbiome. It is important to know what is good for the skin and what is not when dealing with the skin microbiome. We believe that having a minimalist skincare routine allows so much more to be done. Less is certainly more! 

In this workshop, we will be addressing these questions and many more. You will leave this workshop with better understanding on how to enhance your skin health and we will provide customised skincare regime for your unique skin conditions.

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Past Events

  • 🗓21 October 2021 Microbiome Exclusive Launch

An exclusive launch for our Microbiome-friendly product range!

  • 🗓 7th May 2021 Pop up at MAH collection

One-evening shopping experience at the heart of Singapore!! 

Come and join us for a social event on the home terrace of MAH Collection.  Enhance your shopping experience with specially curated designer collections as you enjoy wine and spirits from Italy. This event is hosted by MAH Collection, which designs luxury wearable art pieces and accessories. Their creative design pieces have limited printing runs and are a must-have for art lovers and collectors!

Drop by next Tuesday to receive a free gift from Sage and Ylang's clean beauty collection. Our limited edition Lip and Cheek Tint will also be launched that evening.