Our Story

Irene, a former registered nurse and currently a Professional Organic Skincare Formulator, is passionate about creating sustainable clean beauty products. In a quest to find safer skincare alternatives for her teenage daughters, she eventually embarked on a learning journey and received training in Australia, the UK and Singapore. With the ability to create products from scratch, she aims to use greener sustainable ingredient alternatives to create safe, effective, ethical and environmentally friendly personal care products which target sensitive skin.


Over the last few years, I have successfully completed training in Singapore and in the UK to hone the art and science of skin care formulation. To date I have attained:

  • Specialist Diploma in Cosmetic Science (Skincare and Haircare Formulation) (Singapore)
  • Member of the Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS)
  • Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (Singapore)
  • Affiliate Member of The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC)
  • Pastiche Skin Diagnostician (NZ)
  • Advance Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science (UK)
  • Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science (UK)
  • Skin Microbiome and Corneotherapy (Pastiche, NZ)
  • Understanding Pigmentation (Pastiche, NZ)
  • Certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation (UK)
  • Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing (UK)
  • Certificate in Anti-Ageing Skincare (UK)
  • Certificate in Chocolate Spa Products (UK)
  • Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy (UK)
  • Masterclass: Natural Baby Products (UK)
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance Course (Natural Skincare Formulation) (UK)
  • Coloured Make-Up Formulation (UK)

  • Our Journey