Reuse Before Recycling Your Beauty Empties

We are committed to making all possible effort towards eco-friendliness. When you choose Sage & Ylang, you are choosing products that are made with minimal impact on our environment.



Drop off SAY empties at our Recycling Locations:


01-03 Marina One Residences, Garden Tower, 5 Straits View, Singapore 018935

2. SAYES Studio

11 Changi North Street 1 #04-04, Singapore 498823


Remember to fill in our Reuse Initiative Form beforehand here!

    Customer gains ylang rewards on
    (rewarded by the 2nd week of the following month)
      *check your #SAYES account by logging in, and tapping on the 'Rewards' button at the side of the site page.



            • Fill empty miron glass bottle with soapy water
            • Shake and spritz/pump to remove remnants of lotion/serum from pump head
            • Drip dry glass bottles
            • Glass bottles are now ready to be returned to SAY for their second lease of life!

            *please note that our bottles are reused once and will have a sticker at the bottom to indicate if it is on the second lease of life

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