Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin: The Best Anti-Aging Foods

It’s true that your skin’s youthful radiance comes from within. What you put into your body certainly has an impact on how you look on the outside. But while you probably know its essential to sip those 8 glasses of water, what about what you eat?

Consuming natural, nourishing antioxidant food is a sure-fire way to keep both body and skin healthy. To prevent premature skin aging, here’s what should be on your menu:

Say “oh yes!!” to oils

Concerned about impending wrinkles? Boost your intake of omega-3 fatty acids for skin health! Flaxseed oil and sacha inchi oil are skin saviors as they’re rich in omega 3. They also help rehydrate and relieve inflammation.   

Go nuts        

Snack on almonds as they’re packed with vitamin E to repair and protect your skin. Walnuts are omega-3 powerhouses that preserve the skin’s oil barrier.

Try super seeds

Sunflower seeds help promote healthy blood flow to prevent collagen breakdown, so your skin stays supple.

Eat your greens

Spinach and watercress are brimful of antioxidants which help safeguard your skin against free radicals.

Get fruity

Blueberries and papaya are packed with antioxidants. And as for avocados… whether eaten or applied topically, the vitamins C and E and fatty acids they contain help protect skin against environmental stressors while keeping it soft and plump.

Of course, holistic beauty incorporates external skincare too. Choosing a clean and green beauty care range that’s free from harsh and potentially toxic ingredients is best for all skin types, not just maturing skin. Applying skin care products that are high in plant actives, like our line of clean beauty range will leave you with healthy skin and a beautiful luminescence. 

A proper diet and skincare can delay the onset of aging skin, naturally. You’ll be bursting with vitality on the inside and boasting a gorgeous glow on the outside!

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