Formulating Clean and Green: My Journey

Formulating clean and green is challenging, but fulfilling at the same time. Despite the complexities in formulating with more sustainable ingredient alternatives, there is an increasing number of cosmetic formulators who embrace this new challenge. One apparent reason for this spike is the growing consumer demands for socially responsible skincare range which do not impact the environment negatively.

 My involvement in the cosmetic industry started almost five years ago because of my quest for safer natural skincare. I was trained in natural skincare formulating first before learning the conventional method. This sequence in training has set the right tone for our company from the start. We experiment with mainly plant-based/bio-derived ingredients, and occasionally some lab-synthesized ingredients. These lab-synthesized ingredients are present in small quantities for preservation, solubilizing, or targeting some skin conditions such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Only those with excellent safety profiles, without any controversies, and preferably biodegradable and certified organic are allowed in Sage and Ylang range of products. Effective skincare does not have to be complicated. However, the process of product development can be challenging as some natural ingredients may be less stable.

On the other hand, a conventional method of skincare formulation using conventional synthetic ingredients has been the golden standard all these years. These products are highly stable and less pricey compared to products which use sustainable ingredients alternatives. Hence, formulating clean and green does require creativity and perseverance, and it may cost more due to the higher cost of raw ingredients.

We purpose to formulate clean and green in order to make available alternative skincare range for those who wish to play their part in sustainability. Recent years have seen advancement in technology, which resulted in the availability of more sustainable ingredients options. Here in Sage and Ylang; we are committed to formulating with more sustainable ingredients and creating products with high performance.  Formulating clean and green does pose some challenges. Clean and green alternative ingredients are sometimes less stable, and this may result in the loss of aesthetic, e.g. sedimentation and less superior skin feel. However, working around these challenges, finding ways to innovate, and creating aesthetically acceptable and highly effective products has been a rewarding journey. We formulate clean and green for those who are looking for high-performance clean beauty and are conscious of how their choices may affect sustainability.

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