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Our Skincare Philosophy

Our passion for sustainable, green, and ethical skincare has led to the creation of Sage and Ylang Clean Beauty Collection. We are committed to ensuring that every ingredient had been thoroughly researched and tested, and questionable and potentially toxic ingredients avoided. We create and formulate clean beauty products with safety, sustainability, and efficacy in mind.

All S&Y products are made in our GMP manufacturing studio in Singapore. We source the best ingredients from all over the world and ensure that our suppliers holds membership to credible organizations which help provide supply chain transparency around environmental and ethical efforts.

We believe in responsible sourcing, and we import only the highest quality, scientifically validated, fair-trade, and sustainable raw ingredients from around the world. 

Our Ingredients:

  • Almost 100% plant-origin
  • Cold-pressed plant oils ( organic whenever possible)
  • Organic or wild-crafted therapeutic grade essential oils
  • For water-based products, the preservative used is approved for use in certified organic skincare products such as those used in COSMOS and ECOCERT certified skincare products.
  • We use synthetic actives/peptides to target specific skin related issues. These skincare actives are chosen due to their proven efficacy and safety.

We try to source certified organic raw ingredients whenever possible. If the raw ingredient is not plant-derived, we only use those which are nature/plant identical and has an impeccable safety profile.