Habits That Wreck Your Skin: Part 1

Skin damage—the dreaded phrase in the world of cosmetics and beauty. From sunburns to wrinkling to skin cancers, these two words encapsulate a host of ways that your skin can be harmed. In order to effectively combat the devastating effects of these dermal wounds, we first need to understand: what leads to skin damage? So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top three causes of dermal injuries.

1. UV light poses a huge danger to the health of your skin. Even though most of the UV spectrum is invisible to humans, these light waves, which are emitted by the sun, are almost always present. Furthermore, digital devices that we use throughout the day, such as phones, tablets, and computers, release HEV (High Energy Visible) light. This causes pigmentation and inflammation that can last longer than the same effects caused by UV rays.

2. Smoking. Studies have shown that aside from harming your heart and lungs, cigarettes damage your skin. Cultivating the habit of smoking will prematurely age your skin, and lead to sagging, staining, inflammation, and even skin cancer.

3. Diet. Highly processed foods, ready meals, and refined carbohydrates cause mild inflammation and aggravate skin conditions such as acne. An unbalanced diet also deprives the skin of essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to maintain a healthy complexion. Drinking more water and eating more antioxidant-rich foods, vegetables, and whole grains helps your skin fight against free radicals, and can even improve skin texture.

Maintaining optimal dermal health is a multi-faceted feat and success requires intentional effort. Here at Sage and Ylang, we believe in coming alongside our customers and aiding them in their journey to attain healthy, glowing skin. As such, we created the Radiance Series, a collection of serums and masks infused with anti-oxidants, botanicals, and essential oils that moisturize, firm, repair, and rejuvenate your dermal layer. Breaking unhealthy habits and replacing them with a lifestyle that will nourish and benefit our skin may not be an easy task, but the reward will most definitely be worth it!

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