January Round-Up

Thank you for your support!

2020’s just ended and we’re already fast approaching the end of January of 2021. As we round up on the first month of this year, I, on behalf of myself and the SAY team, want to take a moment to say thank you.

So many of you have been with us on our business journey since we launched in Aug 2018. We have since entered into our second year, an accomplishment only possible through your support. Here are some things we were able to accomplish the last 2 years!

First of all, we are pleased to know that our Radiance Series has been a hit with many of you, and we greatly appreciate your positive reviews of this product. This formulation, which has helped my uneven skin tone due to pregnancy and hormonal changes, has also benefitted many of you. The Radiance Series is formulated with a patented skin-brightening active, and the oil-based serum is loaded with phytonutrients and omega 3 and 6 cold-pressed oil.

Many of you have also asked if I would look into the development of a complete skincare set. Towards the end of our first year (Aug 2019), I began to build upon this suggestion. The creation of our first product line was based off products that myself, my family, and close friends used and approved of. But that changed when I started working on my next product line. I wanted something that went beyond familiarity—I wanted skincare products that were validated by science. To achieve this, Sage and Ylang collaborated with three science institutions to help further enhance the formulation of our products. The process was challenging, but fulfilling. 

We are excited to announce the completion of this project and the launch our new product range very soon! This new product line targets those with sensitive skin in particular, but is suitable for all skin types. The launch will be conducted in two phases, the first being a complete skincare set consisting of a Gentle Face Cleanser, Beauty Essence and Soothing Moisturizer. The second launch will contain the customizable concentrates which target four skin problems: Firming, Brightening, Acne Control, and Oil Control.

Yet another important milestone was our collaboration with One Tree Planted. This collaboration was the result of our desire to contribute to sustainability and boost sustainability initiatives in Asia. We will be rolling out several campaigns, in which each purchase denotes a $1 donation to One Tree Planted, in an effort to help with reforestation efforts in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and India.

We would also like to celebrate the awards we received from the The Beauty Shortlist 2020The Green Parent UK 2020, and Beauty Insider 2020. These accomplishments have humbled me, and reaffirmed Sage and Ylang’s vision and mission. I desire to keep creating products which are scientifically validated, and sustainably formulated.

Thank you again for sticking with us! We are excited at the many opportunities moving forward, and can’t wait to share them all with you the next time. 

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