Habits That Wreck Your Skin: Part 2

In part one of the “Habits That Wreck Your Skin” series, we discussed how UV light, smoking, and your diet can affect the condition of your skin. Today, we’ll be looking at four habits that lead to skin damage, so let’s dive in right away!

1. Eating too much sugar. Ah, here it is again: the diet. High levels of sugar damages your skin’s collagen and will eventually lead to sagging, so make sure to watch the number of chocolates and sweets you consume. Your sweet tooth might hate you for this, but your skin definitely won’t!

2. Skimping on sunscreen. Yes, it’s a hassle to have to apply sunscreen before leaving the house, but those few seconds you spend getting that extra layer of protection on your skin will definitely pay off! UV light is a formidable foe, and by applying at least up to 1/4 of a teaspoon worth of sunscreen, we can prevent these rays from causing premature aging or even skin cancer. Also make sure that you apply Vitamin C day serum under your sunscreen 

3. Suffocating your skin. Full-coverage or liquid foundations that contain excess oil can easily clog your pores, resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, and acne breakouts. It’s best to give your skin a break from these products, or if possible, all makeup, every once in a while. If not, make sure you take the time to clean your face well using face cleansers designed specifically for the removal of makeup.

4. Over-exfoliating. While cleansing your face is important, remember to not overdo it! Over-exfoliating strips away the skin’s natural oils, leaving your dermal layer unprotected and, in extreme cases, causes peeling, flaking, bruising, and acne inflammation. Dermatologists recommends exfoliating just once or twice a week instead of making this a daily routine.

Changing your lifestyle to protect your skin is easier said than done—there’s no doubt about that. However, the promise of what these small but significant changes will result in—smooth, flawless, and healthy skin—that’s a result worth some time and effort!

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