The benefits of using Miron Violet Glass

Why do we package our Radiance Series in Miron Violet Glass?

Our signature formulation, the Radiance Series, contains delicate oil based extracts from plants, seeds and berries, and organic or wild-crafted essential oils.  When we were deciding on the types of packaging to house this concentrated phytonutrients, we discovered Miron Violet Glass, and it was love at first sight! After researching about this, I knew it was the perfect way to package the Radiance Series.

You might be wondering: what’s the difference between Miron Violet Glass and other glasses?

Compared with the amber, blue, green, and clear glass, the Miron Violet glass provides superior protection to its contents. This high-quality packaging offers optimal protection from light degradation, hence preserving the freshness of the delicate contents which make up the Radiance Series.

History of Miron Violet Glass

Do you know that the use Miron Violet Glass dates back to the early Egyptians? There are pieces of evidence that the meticulous ancient people somehow knew that gold or violet jars were able to preserve their precious substances.

Scientific Tests

Several studies have been carried out over the last few years to test the ability of Miron Violet glass in preserving the freshness of food, hydrolates, water, oils, honey, fruits, and other perishable substances. Here are two examples:

 Storage test with chives

Several herbs were stored for 3 months in several types of glass (clear, brown, violet), and were exposed to sunlight for few hours a day. After the testing duration, the quality of the herbs was analyzed and recorded. The illustration above shows clearly that the chive samples that were stored in Miron Violet show no colour change. The smell of the herbs was also stronger and fresher.

Storage test with tomatoes

In another experiment, cherry tomatoes were stored for 7 months in different types of glass but kept at room temperature where sunlight could not reach it. Again, the result shows that the tomato stored in Miron Violet Glass shows no loss of colour and no signs of spoilage.

Why do we import our Miron Violet Glass from the Netherlands?

Well, this is simply because innovative solutions and superior quality products tend to attract imitators. In order to ensure that we get the original quality, despite the cost and hassle, we chose to source this packaging from the Netherlands.

Miron Violet Glass is 100% recyclable!

Miron glass is fully recyclable. Please dispose of it as you would with other colored glass. If you have seen and touch the Miron Glass, you would agree that it is beautiful. It would be such a waste to toss these pretty and high-quality bottles and jars into the recycling bin. Why not consider re-using them. Once you have used up the products, give the bottle a wash with soapy hot water, and after that let it out to dry. Here are some creative ways to recycle your Miron Glass:

Can be used as:

1. Storage for teas, coffees and herbs and spices

2. Storage of other oils

3. Vase


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