Why Rebrand to Sage and Ylang?

Some of you may be wondering: why did Bottle of Nature rebrand to Sage and Ylang? Here is a blog post to explain the reason behind this move!

When BON was launched in 2014, haircare and deodorant were the only products available. During that time, we also started research and development for our skincare line, and after 4 years, the Sage and Ylang range is ready to launch. As we are now ready with our skincare range, we decided to further improve and develop our deodorant and haircare line. We will launch this range again soon, so do watch our space!  At the same time, we felt that the name Bottle of Nature was too generic and wanted a brand name that felt closer to heart, hence the start of our rebranding journey.

Finding a suitable name was no easy feat. We decided to zoom into our favorite herbs, flowers and essential oils for inspiration. After much discussion, we collectively decided on the name Sage and Ylang, which is short for Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang—two of our favorite essential oils. Our logo symbol is an artistic creation of a dear friend. She creatively simplified the image of a real Ylang Ylang flower into a vector.

This rebranding process is also intended to reflect our commitment to sustainable beauty. After four years of research and development, we finally broadened our scope to include a new skincare range. This range of green beauty care is formulated to meet the demands of the modern beauty care purist. By ensuring ethical labeling and defining our green, organic, and natural standards, we set out to make green beauty care available in this region.

We are excited to embark on this new phase of our business. This rebranding marks a new chapter in our journey as an independent beauty brand.

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